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List of contents 

  • Dedication and Introduction
  • Chapter I: I Meet Sir Henry Curtis
  • Chapter II: The Legend Of Solomon's Mines
  • Chapter III: Umbopa Enters Our Service
  • Chapter IV: An Elephant Hunt
  • Chapter V: Our March Into The Desert
  • Chapter VI: Water! Water!
  • Chapter VII: Solomon's Road
  • Chapter VIII: We Enter Kukuanaland
  • Chapter IX: Twala The King
  • Chapter X: The Witch-Hunt
  • Chapter XI: We Give A Sign
  • Chapter XII: Before The Battle
  • Chapter XIII: The Attack
  • Chapter XIV: The Last Stand Of The Greys
  • Chapter XV: Good Falls Sick
  • Chapter XVI: The Place Of Death
  • Chapter XVII: Solomon's Treasure Chamber
  • Chapter XVIII: We Abandon Hope
  • Chapter XIX: Ignosi's Farewell
  • Chapter XX: Found
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